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Guide To Buying A Tent

Those who have experience in buying a camping tent or hiking tent will know the importance of spending time selecting the right tent for their needs. Here you will find a basic guide to buying a tent.

First and foremost, never rush through the process of buying your camping tent or hiking tent. Never put off the task of buying your mountaineering tent until the last minute. This will minimize the chances of getting the best tent as you will not have enough time to review various types of tents and pick something that will meet your requirements. If you make mistakes here, you are likely to freeze out there in the field when you should actually be enjoying your camping.

Secondly, before hitting the online stores or your local camping store, you must have your requirements clearly defined. Doing some quick online research on the different types of mountaineering tents or camping tents available in the market will also help. This will help you make well informed buying decisions.

Thirdly, you must know how you are planning to use your tent and which time of the year you will be mostly using it. You can find all season tents, 3 season tents which are ideal for moderately cold weather and 4 season tents that are meant for cold weather including snow.

The next important factor that you should consider is the size of the tent. Never go for too large or too small. You should have enough room for everyone in the tent and at the same time it should not be too heavy. Remember when you are hiking or mountaineering, you will be carrying your camping materials on your back. So you should keep your pack weight down. This is one of the reasons why you should pick just the right size tent.

Ventilation is yet another important aspect that you should take into consideration while buying your tent. There are a number of contemporary designs available today which take care of the ventilation issues pretty well. Of course you should get water proof material for your tent because, this will keep you dry. Most tents today offer great protection from rain.

Despite the type of camping tents or mountaineering tents you choose, you should always go for the best quality tent that will last for years. Tents are considerably expensive and if you do not go for the best quality hiking tent, then you will be wasting your money as you will have to replace your tent frequently.

One last piece of advice is to choose something that is easy to setup and practice setting up the tent before you actually take it out to use it on a trip. At times you may have to setup your tent quickly in less than desirable weather conditions. If the setup is going to be too complicated, then you are likely to have problems. It is not a good feeling entering your tent all wet. Practicing before you are out in the wilderness, will make setting up the tent easier and less stressful in the rain, dark, or whatever conditions may occur.